About Us

SIA SVVM operates in the field of car transportation.

The team of the company has more than 20 years of experience in transport, logistics and cargo transportation.

In compliance with the Euro 5 emission standards, we offer transport services with the latest car carriers providing options for

transportation of up to 10 cars (depending on dimensions of a vehicle). We transport both new and used cars, vans, 4×4 cars

in a good technical condition and broken ones.

Transportation is carried out with such car carriers as Scania / RIMO and Kaessbohrer. All car carriers are equipped

with GPS navigation system enabling a continuous control of location of the cars as well as communication with

drivers of the car carriers while they are on the way.

Our qualified, responsible and experienced drivers meet all the customer requirements to ensure cargo loading and

delivering on time.

We have customized approach for each customer and delivery in order to meet safest and fastest requirements.

Therefore our customers have differentiated price policy.

Attitude is altitude – the most important is the direction we go, not where we stand.